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A personal issue and quest

I know it’s been awhile since I had posted anything. Comics have been very enjoyable lately and sometimes I have little to say when the going is good.

I’ve been reading a lot of titles- Supergirl, Superboy, The bat books, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Walking Dead, Rachel Rising, Artifacts, Witchblade, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans, Earth 2, Worlds Finest, Justice League, JL Dark. Sometimes X-Men.

Here’s the thing- I wouldn’t have read any of these books had I not had some cancer issues three years ago. The results were in my favor for which I’m grateful, but it was the surgery to remove what my doctor thought was cancerous that had nearly killed me. I consider myself a tough person, but having been told my screening tests are problematic again, I’m anxious. Not that I expect to have bad results, but the prospect of having to go through surgery again… is scary. And if history repeats itself….I’m absolutely dreading the possibility.

So of course now that I know bad things can happen, I have my bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish and as silly as it is- I want a Huntress Tonner doll. Ridiculous, but the thing keeps alluding me and maybe the search is good for me. Keep my mind off my mortality for the next month. It’s the last piece I need to complete my Huntress collection. Why I make a big deal over this is because the Huntress character was what I discovered last time I went through this. She became my focus and what helped get me through it. A character who went through hell and made it through time and time again. I related to that. Still do.
I want to be brave and strong and tell this cancer/precancer/abnormality to “bite me” as I wait.

A sensual Black Canary by Ebas. One of those artists that draws gorgeous and provocative women. I love that he’s so passionate about their beauty.

A sensual Black Canary by Ebas. One of those artists that draws gorgeous and provocative women. I love that he’s so passionate about their beauty.

Cat Staggs did a lovely commission for me at NYCC of Huntress. Great facial expression.

Cat Staggs did a lovely commission for me at NYCC of Huntress. Great facial expression.

Joe Staton- Huntress. Love seeing her looking fierce.

Joe Staton- Huntress. Love seeing her looking fierce.

Another smiling face in the DCnU


Back in June I took a look at all the covers of the 52 and pointed out that there was eactly one cover with someone smiling - Batgirl #1.

But now there is another book that doesn’t have a character looking grim and grimmer.

Here’s the original image for the Huntress cover

I have no idea what March was doing with that mouth.

And now Helena has a smile.

She also has violet eyes instead of blue on the new cover image.

Identity Crisis

I had a very interesting discussion regarding this book last weekend with a creator in the industry.  I am very well aware of the controversial nature of story.  

The reason why I’m writing about it is because internet policing by fans are suddenly taking every action/decision a creator makes and if it’s not a positive image of a woman (in that fan’s eyes) suddenly screams “you hate women” or “you’re a misogynist,” etc.  I could get into countless arguments about the hypocrisy of it all and how frightening this is because of the possibility of censorship.  

Despite an author having supposed free reign on a book, it doesn’t quite work that way.  There are limitations that pop up that might not be readily seen by a fan.  The big picture that I got out of this story involves the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones and their ideals.  

First thing to remember is that the JLA is comprised of some of the most morally superior characters- especially Superman and Wonder Woman.  To get these characters involved in some morally grey area the crime has to be bad.  Unfortunately, it can’t be some so and so lost their arm now I’m going to sick the entire JLA after them.  It’s not going to work because if they do that for one person, they’d be sending all the Leaguers together to handle every single crime.  It’s not practical and not realistic.  Unfortunately, murder is just “plain old murder” especially if you look at the Gotham characters- Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin, Huntress, Batgirl.  None of those characters necessarily needed a team of heroes to help avenge the deaths of their loved ones.  

The only crimes that would really unite people in this manner unfortunately involve crime against a child or a rape.  Note that I didn’t say “rape against a woman.”  The JLA roster didn’t have any members with children so we can eliminate that option.  That leaves rape as the most vulgar, cruel crime that could be committed that would unite all the JLA members.

Now that we have the crime, who could be the victim?  I’m going to eliminate all the male characters right away.  Not because it’s not possible (rape is a crime of POWER and can be done by anyone), but because for a male character to be raped raises additional problematic issues.  It involves a discussion between the difference between homosexuality and homosexual acts and frankly comics are still in their infantile stages at even being able to introduce homosexual characters. I don’t think a 22 page book at this time will be able to explain it.  (Yes, there have been gay/lesbian characters, but their relationships tended to be rather hidden and it’s only in the last couple of years that one has been a highly prominent character.”)  When the time comes that a kiss between two same sex characters doesn’t raise a frenzy then maybe a story like this could be rewritten.  

Now, we are left with the female characters.  The JLA female membership consists of Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Zatanna at the time.  We can eliminate Wonder Woman for two big reasons: 1) she’s probably the second most powerful character in the DC universe 2) she’s also too much of an icon.  What about Black Canary?  We probably couldn’t have her be the victim because she was a victim in Longbow Hunters (and the extent of her victimization is still open for discussion). I personally don’t think having her be a possible two-time victim of this crime is in DC’s best interest.  That leaves Zatanna.  What would happen if she was the victim?  Would the League need to be involved?  Zatanna could easily go after the culprit and flay them with a spell.  I don’t know if she could be a victim in this case either.

That leaves significant others.  We probably can’t use Lois because I’m sure Superman would destroy the earth in his anger and Lois is too iconic as well.  We already eliminated Dinah so that leaves Flash’s significant other and Elongated Man’s.  I don’t know too much about Flash, but I don’t think his girlfriend/wife is particularly active with the JLA members. I don’t know if there is enough connection between her and the JLA to warrant the entire JLA going into action whereas Sue Dibny was considered “an honorary member of the JLA.”  That’s why she had to be the victim. 

The story wouldn’t have worked the same way if it was anybody else that was the victim. Do I think rape can be exploited in comics?  Yes.  Do I think it was in this story?  No.  Unfortunately, rape is a common enough occurrence that I believe it should be a topic of discussion because sweeping it under the table like it doesn’t exist, doesn’t make it go away. This story could have been an issue longer and dealt with more of the psychological effects of the crime and served as a public service announcement, but that crime was only the catalyst.  And it had to be serious enough, important enough to have good characters do questionable acts (like Zatanna wipe both Dr. Light’s and Batman’s mind) in order to preserve the League.  

Can’t wait to see my favorite character back in action.  Hopefully, causing some…lots of trouble along the way.  


Hey everyone! So as you might have heard, Huntress #1 comes out this Wednesday October 5. I thought that I’d hold a contest for my Tumblr followers before the book is released. The prizes are as follows:

FIRST PRIZE: The original art to the Huntress teaser poster I created for Tumblr, a signed mini print of the teaser poster, and a signed copy of Huntress #1.

SECOND PRIZE: A signed mini print of the Huntress teaser poster, a signed copy of Huntress #1, and a Huntress pencil head sketch.

THIRD PRIZE: A signed mini print of the Huntress teaser poster, and a signed copy of Huntress #1.

HOW TO ENTER: Reblog this post! Extra good-luck karma points if you tell your friends about the book if you think they would like it, even if they don’t read comics (hey, it couldn’t hurt!) The winners will be chosen at random out of all the people who reblogged. Likes don’t count for the contest, but count in my heart :)

The contest starts NOW! And will end at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, October 5.

Thanks to all of you in advance for getting the word out about Huntress, and for your continued support from Red Robin to Huntress to whatever comes next.

Top Cow

Witchblade was always one of those series that I could never quite part with. When the tv show was around, I loved it. Sara Pezzini was one tough chick and I picked up some of the comics between issues 20-60. It’s also possible I was drawn to this series through the Tomb Raider crossovers because I was obsessed with the T R video games back then.

I just started reading Top Cow comics again mostly because of going to comic cons. Every other convention I went to, I came home with a variant cover of Witchblade that Ron Marz signed or Nelson Blake II drew a sketch on. I should have realized it was a sign. But, I wasn’t quite hooked yet.
I absolutely fell in love with Adriana Melo’s art through a Birds of Prey issue which led to a commission and to the discovery that she worked on Witchblade. My curiosity got the better of me and I purchased the Adriana issues that Ron Marz wrote. The next day I began collecting all the issues.
Of course the Snowball effect kicked in and I had to follow Dani’s adventures in Angelus and Artifacts then Magdalena’s…

A quick sketch of Wonder Woman by Cully Hamner at BCC 2011.

A quick sketch of Wonder Woman by Cully Hamner at BCC 2011.

A Jim Calafiore Huntress from BCC 2011.

A Jim Calafiore Huntress from BCC 2011.